Two Young Somali Entrepreneur Titans on the Rise


Adan Ali and Mohamed Rage are two young industrial designers and entrepreneurs based in Columbus, Ohio who are making waves in the fitness industry with their innovative new product.

Shortly after graduating from the design program at the Ohio State University, the two designers, along with their co-founders, launched the TITAN Mixer Bottle on Kickstarter, a fresh take on current protein shaker bottles. Their goal at TITAN is to continue to push the boundaries of personal fitness and performance by providing people with innovative products to do so.

Adan Ali and Mohamed Rage

“We recognized an opportunity in the market and decided to do something about it”, said Mohamed. “Using our design process, we worked on the project over the course of a year, creating countless concepts and prototypes before coming up with the seed that would become the TITAN Mixer Bottle.”

How TITAN Works. Picture courtesy of FIVE ID.

Their Kickstarter campaign went on to raise $67,000 in just 45 days. Since the end of their campaign, the boys have been working on manufacturing the product and getting bottles shipped out to their customers around the world. “The support has been amazing” continued Mohamed “and we are currently shipping our bottles to over 50 countries and counting.”

In addition, they’ve also launched Five ID Studio, a design firm that specializes in product design, graphic design, UI/UX and design research. “We strive to empower people utilizing design. Through research, empathy and innovation, we create brands that make a difference in everyday lives” said Mohamed.

Despite all of the success so far, getting to this point hasn’t been easy. “Starting up a company from the ground up is journey filled with many trails but it has been an amazing and fulfilling experience” said Adan. “We want to continue to keep putting out products that make a difference in people’s lives.”

The two hope to be the first of many Somali Industrial Designers in the years to come. “Creative entrepreneurship is something that we are very passionate about and we hope to inspire young Somali’s and Muslims around the world to pursue their creative endeavors,” continued Adan.

To purchase a bottle or find out more about their product visit www.titanmixerbottle.com, or stay up to date on social media [@titanmixerbottle]. Mohamed and Adan can also be reached via email at contact@titanmixerbottle.com.

Picture courtesy of FIVE ID

Picture courtesy of FIVE ID

Picture courtesy of FIVE ID

Here is the original post we made about these young entrepreneurs: Two Young Somali Designer’s Invention Receives 266% Kickstarter Campaign Funding



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