The 6 Funniest Somali Comedy Personalities on Social Media


Funny is relative and what might be funny to you can be a total bore to someone else. We compiled this list based on a number of factors from number of followers, shares, loops, e.t.c. If there is someone that you think we missed, please be kind to Let us know.

6. Ali Dagrate (@Ali_Dagrate)

Ali might as well be the most talented actor in this list. His skits are well directed, real and funny. Like most of the comedians on this list, he explores the “Somali” Versions of often popular media phenomenons.

5. AlidoeTV (@AlidoeTv)

Describing himself as “JUST A GOOFY GUY WITH BIG GOALS”, Ali is funny in his skits and has a quite a number of international following. As you can see in the video below, Ali makes jokes about Somali Life in the diaspora.

4. Maryan garane ( @Maryan_Garane on vine and IG)

Maryan sure loves to make “Bebol” laugh as she makes fun of mother-daughter relationships among other things. She has 17k followers on Instagram, but also making her mark on other media media sites.

3. Sadia Arabia (@Thesadia on Vine)

“series of very trifling anecdotes…” she describes her sense of comedy that resulted with more than 16 million loops. Sadia is hilarious and is famous among Somali teens as some refer to her as the “Funny girl with the Hijab”. She has 33K followers on Vine.

2. Arrap Jeylani ( Jeylanii-Broo on Ig)

Part of SomaliEnt, Arrapp is famous among many teens as he and his team often create jokes about everyday Somali life using video Skits. On Instagram, Arrap has close to 37k followers but has high fan base on a number of other social media sites.

1) Ugaaso A Boocow ( @ugaasada)

With just a little bit less than 100k followers on Instagram, Ugaaso is the undeniably number one Somali social media personality on our list. Returning to Mogadhisho from Canada, she seems to resonate with Somalis everywhere in her comical exploration of Somali culture as she shows the ever-changing face of Somalia.

Again, There are many funny and talented Somalis on the web, these were the top 5 that we thought we really resonating the average farax or xalimo. Look out for more top Somali poets, academics, artists, entrepreneurs e.t.c. If we come across a Somali displaying a unique talent on the web, It’s the very reason All Things Somali exits that we showcase them and promote them. If you know any, share them with us please.


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