Somalia: China Provides Education Equipment to Country’s Orphanage Home.




The Chinese Embassy in Somalia on Sunday provided education facilities and furniture to Badbado Orphanage Center in Mogadishu.

“When notified that a bad situation in the Center, I was shocked and then we decided to offer them assistance, and I am very happy to do that,” said Chinese Ambassador to Somalia Wei Hongtian at the hand-over ceremony.

The ambassador confirmed that the Chinese embassy will continue its financial support to assist Somali children all the time.

“Children are tomorrow’s generation and should help them, we hope that such assistance would reduce their suffering,” the ambassador added.

The director of the center Yusuf Yasin told Xinhua that the Chinese embassy responded to the request for assistance, saying this shows how Beijing wants to help the Somali people.

“I have to praise the role of the Chinese embassy to help the Somalis, as well as I thank the Chinese ambassador in Mogadishu, which played a vital role to assist Somalia in several areas,” Yusuf said.

He said the Chinese embassy is the first embassy in the country which provided support to them.

The aid consists of chairs, tables, school backpacks, blankets and so on. The center now houses 121 orphans.


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