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Somali-led Grassroots Initiatives #CaawiWalaal and #Abaaraha Are Redefining Humanitarian Relief Efforts


Unless you have been living under a rock, Somali people are facing some of the worst famine and drought disasters in years. As usual, the international community and aid agencies have raised awareness of the sever droughts and famine Somalis are facing.

However, what is so refreshing is the leadership young Somalis have shown in responding to the famine and droughts. CaawiWalaal and Abaaraha have taken a prominent role in how Somalis are responding to this famine. These two groups, among number of others, have shown that Somali-led response can be effective, if not more effective, than those of any large aid organization in the country.

#CaawiWalaal and #Abaaraha have not only created awareness of how dire the famine and droughts are, but mobilized relief responses in countless regions and cities in the country. In other words, #Abaaraha maps and reports where people need help the most and #CaawiWalaal responds with whatever relief it can dispatch to that area. In a way, these two initiatives are complementing each other.

Recently, both #CaawiWalaal and #Abaaraha have been featured on Quartz Africa for their innovative way of responding to the humanitarian crisis in their country.

What is Caawi Walaal?

What is Abaaraha?

#Abaaraha Maps, #CaawiWalaal Responds:

Somalis have taken to social media to show their appreciation of the work the groups are doing:

Others have reminded aid agencies to take notice of these Somali-led initiatives

Even Somalia’s new Humanitarian Minister Dr. Maryam Qasim took notice of the work #Abaaraha is doing.


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