Somali Faces Is Redefining The Power of Social Media by Capturing the Hearts and Minds of Somalis Around the World


Today, the internet is full of Somalis with platforms, but few are like Somali Faces. In the short time Somali Faces existed, it has captured the hearts and the minds of Somalis everywhere, including the editors at All Things Somali. Not because Somali Faces shares heart-warming stories, but because it helps those in need. Like the platform, the founders of Somali Faces—Donia and Mohamed—have incredible stories themselves. This article could literally be all about the founders of Somali Faces, but our aim is to show you the incredible Somali Faces has done it the short time it existed.

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Somali Faces has set the bar high for other Somalis to emulate it. Somali Faces has helped:

A young nomadic Somali boy with an exceptional ambitious drive for education left his nomadic family in order to pursue education in the city.

A mother of 8 received funds from Somali Faces

90 year old Somali mother, who passed away recently, received funds from Somali Faces

16-year-old rape victim has received funs from Somali Faces

BUT most of all, Somali Faces is leading the drought and the famine efforts in many parts of the Somali Peninsula.

Somali Faces has reached places that many aid agencies find it to be too remote.

Young people have seen Somali Faces’ impact and have shown their appreciation

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All Things Somali
All Things Somali (ATS) was launched for one simple reason: to create a medium for content about Somalis in their daily lives and in their inspiring moments.

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