One of the most anticipated gatherings of Somali business and professionals in North America is happening this weekend


One of the most anticipated gatherings of Somali business and professionals in North America is happening this weekend. The North American Business and Professionals Inc (SNABPI) LAUNCH EVENT is happening this weekend in three different cities in North America.

If you have not heard by now, SNABPI is the world’s largest peer-to- peer network exclusively for Somali – American/Canadian entrepreneurs and professionals. Founded in 2017 by a group of young Somalis in North America, SNABPI enables members in its network to grow and learn from each other, leading to greater business/professional success and an enriched personal life. By last count, SNABPI has more than twelve thousand members. A number that is only anticipated to grow in the coming months.

SNABP is part of an umbrella group of Somalis business and professionals around the world. The other groups include Somali Expat Forum (SEF) and Somali Australian Business and Professionals Inc (SABPI). The North American branch is the latest and biggest addition into the family of Somali business and professionals. 

As we have reported last October, SABPI, which was the inspiration for SNABPI, held first international conference. It was so success that they intend to held it again, but this time in collaboration with the other affiliate members like SEF and SNABPI.

SNABPI founders have said: “We educate, we transform, we inspire and we offer invaluable resources in the form of local, regional and global events, leadership-development programs, confidential forums and executive education opportunities, among other offerings designed for personal and professional growth.”

This weekend, SNABPI is launching in three major cities this month:


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