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Shaax Corner: the most popular Somali-Women-only online group


The Shaax Corner has become an international sensation and its creators Nafisa and Amina had not expected the group’s growth would be so controversial and dynamic.  “Everyone knows about the Shaax Corner worldwide. I think the reason why our group is so popular, because we gave sisters a platform where they can share their stories, experiences, opinions, seek and give advice.”

The Shaax Corner boasts thousands of Somali sisters and with hundreds waiting each week to join the coveted Facebook group. The international Admin team of Shaax Corner vets each
request in order to make sure the accounts that are joining are females and real. The Shaax Corner receives hundreds of requests daily and mostly accept only 5-15% of requests due to their accounts not looking real or their accounts not having any real interaction. Because of that necessary due diligence – the rigorous process has become time consuming and at times overwhelming with so many requests.

The Shaax Corner also has non Somali sisters in the group that are interested in the Somali culture and that is the only exception that they have made thus far.


We asked the following questions to the founder of Shaax Corner, Nafisa:


How did you come up with the idea for Shaax Corner?

My cousin Amina Mukthar and I came up with “The Shaax Corner” end of 2015. Amina & I were having one of our sisterly conversations. So I said to her why don’t we start a ladies only group where we can socialize, network and give and seek advice in a safe and ladies only environment. So we came up with the name The Shaax Corner since we Somalis love drinking tea and love to stay up to date  with the latest news.


Did you think it was going to be as popular as it is now?

I also noticed lots of topics are not openly discussed in our Somali community. But on “The Shaax Corner” the sisters feel free to discuss even the most controversial topics. For example abuse, mental illness, marriage problems and many more topics. We want to break through those barriers that we Somali women face in our lives. We want to encourage fellow sisters to get the most out of themselves positively. That they can achieve the goals that they set out for themselves, if they put their mind fully into it. We also want sisters to be able to create awareness and we can always learn from each other. Another reason why our group is so popular is because a lot of sisters use “The Shaax Corner” as a platform to expand their business, get more exposure and to network with other hardworking sisters. The sisters can use the group for business and personal growth.


Where are the admins based at?

We are an international team. We are from Canada, Sweden, The Netherlands, United Kingdom and United States.


Why do you think Somali women need their own private corner?

We created a safe environment where women can speak freely and voice their opinion about diverse topics, including the controversial ones. We Somali women love to socialize and voice our opinion strongly with passion. We have lively discussions and we set boundaries for the members. So what’s better than having our own “corner” where we can discuss various topics and share our point of view.


What are most posts about?

We have a diverse range of topics in different categories. To name a few categories such as business, banter, love, marriage, motherhood etc.


How personally revealing do members get?

Some members are very open with their life stories and some wish to stay anonymous. We admins receive daily personal stories from sisters all around the world. That are in need of advice or want to share their personal story but want to stay anonymous. Sometimes the stories get really revealing and shocking. But the admins and the members always try to give their best advice to help out these sisters.


You can find out more about the Shaax Corner and even join by submitting a request through a message: The Shaax Corner

To learn more about this fast growing group make sure to listen to our upcoming podcast – where we will interview Nafisa.


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