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How One Snapchat Account, SomaliTV, Mobilized Somalis Around the World to Give Afur to the Needy Back Home


What’s SomaliTv for those who do not know?

My name is Abdifatah and I am the founder of SomaliTv snapchat account July of 2015. When we launched SomaliTv last year, our goal was to have a place where Somalis can come and ask questions anonymously and then others will answer them within seconds. But when Ramadan started 2 weeks ago, we paused our program and started helping our brothers and sisters back home (Somalia). I came up with the idea because I knew we had the right people in our snapchat account and they’ll get involved immediately…

How does SomaliTv Afur Program work?

It’s easy, all you need to do is go to our funding website ( and donate anything you can. We reach out to our followers in Somalia and send them money daily, they’ll buy/cook food and drinks then drive to refugee camps and deliver food to make poor families happy, including, kids, elders, mothers, and the disabled.

Screen Shot 2016-06-30 at 7.34.45 PMHow do people know their Donation is reaching these poor people? 

Follow us on snapchat and you’ll see proof that we’re making the poor happy daily.

How do you guys choose which city to help?

We don’t care which city we sending the money to, all cities in Somalia are equal to us, but it’s just the matter of getting someone from that city to communicate with and follow-up with. If we can get someone from each city, it will help us a lot.

How many cities have SomaliTv delivered support to so far?

We have done afur the six cities below. In shaa Allah, we will look for other cities soon.

1 Mogadishu 2. Kismayo 3. Hargeysa 4. Garoowe 5. Bosaaso 6. Baydhabo

For example, Bosaaso alone, Yasminah who did the feature for SomaliTV Snapchat account said, “We were able to feed close to 200 people today for Afur in Bosaso, thanks to SomaliTV Afur Program.” This is something unique and something to be proud of as a Somali

How Many people donated so far?

Many of our followers donated so far, we’re still hopping everyone will donate in shaa Allah, It’s Ramadan and everyone knows the important of helping the poor, especially those who cannot afford it.

How can people DONATE?

EDITORS NOTE: SomaliTv has since this interview other cities. We were extremely impressed with how organized the program was that we reached out to them. At AllthingsSomali, We are constantly on the look for digital stories shedding a positive light on Somalis all around the world- and how this was mobilized by Somalis for Somalis was a testament of unity and love we often lack online.

**All Things Somali was inspired by the generosity of the people. All Things Somali is not related or affiliated with this Snapchat account. Donate at your own discretion.


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