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A fashion line for those who want a modest look while staying stylish. DeesPresence, a recently launched fashion line by the talented Somali blogger Deeqa, offers just that.


I’m a self-taught designer and I’ve been making my own clothes for years.  And as making clothes has been a hobby and a passion of mine I decided to make a career of it.

DeesPresence tag phrase is- ‘classic, timeless style infused with a modest twist, because modesty matters.’ The lines focus is modesty. With my designs I try to cover up to the best of my ability. In this collection you’ll find modest pieces that are perfect for everyday wear in both Spring and Summer.

The making of my clothing line has been a tiring project that involved a lot of running around, sweating and doing then redoing the same thing over and over again until it was perfect. I think getting the samples right was more than half the job. After that everything fell into place. This will be an experience that I’ll never forget. I would say that the best part of it was shopping for fabric!

To read more about the making of the line then read it here and check out the shop here.

Stay connected with Deeqa: Twitter – @xamdi_abdinasir  Instagram – xamditalk


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