Aar Maanta Releases Historic Somali Song “Dardaar”


Aar Maanta; photo shoot, Autumn 2013.

London, UK. (September 7, 2015)  – The long awaited single Dardaar is taken from Aar Maanta’s upcoming EP Somali Songs from the Diaspora 2.  Both the single and the EP will be historic, in being the first Somali song or recordings in decades to feature a live band. 

Dardaar, which in Somali means to Forewarn, was co-written and composed by one of Somali music’s founding fathers, Ahmed “Hudeidi” Hussein Ismail, who is also a master oud player.

Dardaar, written in the traditional Somali poetic form using allegory and alliteration, questions the lack of courage and wisdom in finding peaceful solutions to current political and social problems faced by Somalis in the Horn of Africa region and the Diasporas.

The Somali music industry was heavily affected by the early 90’s civil war. Aar Maanta and his London based multi-national collective The Urban Nomads, are one of the only bands that are successfully fusing live music with a range of Western influences. With Hudeidi’s iconic Somali melodies, Aar Maanta’s vocals fused with The Urban Nomads’ jazz flavoured London world sound, Dardaar succeeds in delivering the dark underlying political message.

“Aar Maanta is making history with Dardaar. His sheer brilliance as a singer and the irresistible Somali-Jazz fusion of The Urban Nomads carry a deep and a timely message” Hudeidi said.

Dardaar is on general release now from all the digital music stores including CD Baby, Apple iTunes, Google Play, Spotify & Amazon.

Because the single Dardaar is just beautiful song, we believe the rest of the EP is going to be big. We cannot wait the release of the rest of the album. We have given Dardaar 5 stars for its beautiful melody and deep message for all Somalis.

You can follow Aar Maanta on Twitter @AarMaanta or contact him at:

Stay tune, we have BIG article based on this single coming. We have been intrigued by it and decided to write a follow up.


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