A Three Part Video Documentary about the state of Somali Fisheries


Somali waters have tremendous fisheries potential, but the Somali domestic fishing sector is underdeveloped and unable to keep up with increasing demand from world markets. Expansion of the sector in a sustainable way would ensure food and livelihood security for Somalis, but first, it is important to understand the health of fish populations.

The report, Securing Somali Fisheries, shows that foreign fishing is removing three times more fish than the Somali fishers, pushing the most commercially important fisheries toward unsustainability. With improved data collection, monitoring, and enforcement, Somalis can salvage their marine resources and expand them into a vital part of the country’s economy.

RELEASE DATE: 16 September 2015   AUTHORS: Sarah M. Glaser, Paige M. Roberts, Robert H. Mazurek, Kaija J. Hurlburt, Liza Kane-Hartnett

Source: Report: Securing Somali Fisheries | Secure Fisheries


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Securing Somali Fisheries: First Scientific surveys of Somali marine resources since the 1980s

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