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Yasminah | Why President-Elect Trump is a Blessing in Disguise

Why President-Elect Trump is a Blessing in Disguise:
By Yasminah

I mourned.

Words in me kept silent.
Wisdom abandoned my thoughts, as fear sheltered my heart.

I can’t believe the country that accepted me when I was seeking acceptance is now closing its doors on me for vengeance.

I can’t believe the hope and ambition it instilled in me was being sucked out in matter of seconds.

I can’t believe my American dream is now in the hands of a man who is eager to turn it into a nightmare.

I analyzed, every possibility.
I measured, every angle as I sat on the floor, grounded.

I scribbled on a blank piece of paper, as I convinced myself, “it was fucking bad!”

Until I realized it wasn’t as bad as I thought. At least not for me.

How can I forget? I have a home.

A home I have abandoned.
A home I have forgotten about because I got comfortable in a stolen one.

America was like a next-door neighbor, who welcomed me in. It gave me food and somewhere to sleep when my home was in turmoil. It was supposed to be temporary, until I was able to get back up on my feet.

Although, I now have wings, I arrogantly forgot the route to my home.

Although, I now have the intellectual capacity to subdue that turmoil, I have become habituated to a well-regulated system that wasn’t build for me.

Although, I now have gained the strength to fight for peace, I stay comfortable in a crib.

I understand.
My neighbor wants his home back, because I got too devoted on his couch, emptying his fridge, and misplacing his remote control.

I’ve learned his language, and studied his history, as I slowly lost mine.

I’m more proud to wave his flag, as mine is folded in a dark closet along with my linage.

I’m more eager to sing his anthem, as I allow mine to fall on deaf ears.

I’m more willing to fight for his home, as I watch mine collapse in history.

He fears that I have become more American then I deserve.
True, I’m no longer a guest but a homeowner.
My name is on the lease, now.

And thanks to Trump and the 90% whites who voted for him, I have come to realize…

I have a home to discover, to recover as I keep the keys to yours.

Thank you America.

Source: Yasminah | Why President-Elect Trump is a Blessing in Disguise

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