Walaal Afuri aims to raise $100,000 this Ramadan with your help

The Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him), said, “The best of deeds is that of keeping your believing brother happy, or that of paying off a debt of his, or that of feeding him.” (Ad-daylamee, 1/1/123, As-Silsilah As-Saheehah/Al-Albaanee, 1494).

The blessed month of Ramadan is especially a month of generosity and giving. Al-Imaam Ash-Shaafi’ee, once said, “It is beloved to me to see one increasing his acts of generosity during the month of Ramadan, following the example of Allah’s Messenger, and for one’s own good. There are many who become over-occupied with fasting and Prayers, forgetting the other benefits of the month of Ramadan [i.e. forgetting about the benefits and rewards for being generous towards others].” (Lataa’if-ul Ma’aarif)

WALAL AFURI: A people centered movement

walaal afuri2Walaal Afuri donation boxes volunteers use

Walaal Afuri Movement, a UK based ad hoc movement that started a few years ago and which engages in a feeding families in Horn of Africa during the month of Ramadan. The brain child of Bashir Mursal Issa Botan, Liban Nur, Yusuf Islam Mryuu CheYuu, Omar Moalin, Dahir Deeq, Hodan Muse, and Dahir Sicid Ali Muse. Walaal Afuri raised over $70,000.00 during Ramadan of 2014. This Ramadan, Walaal Afuri has a target goal of over $100,000.00, which you can make it happen with your support.

Walal Afuri is a unique crowdfunding fundraising method that has literally no overhead costs as every dollar goes straight to the needy, because the organizers pay for the remittance charges. The campaign also infuses into the activities a sense of community and solidarity during a month that is exactly about community, solidarity and a focus on justice, including economic justice.

How WALAAL AFURI program works

cities walaal afuriThe cities participating & amount of money already raised in the first two weeks of Ramadan

The UK Trio mentioned above appoint Walaal Afuri Ambassadors in almost every city that the Diaspora Somali community reside, and the Amabassador appointees are appointed a few weeks before the beginning of the month of Ramadan. These Ambassadors would draw in volunteers from the community who would take collection buckets ( with the logo of Walaal Afuri) and collect change within the community. From towns and cities in the UK, Canada, USA, Australia, Europe and cities in Africa, donations are sent almost every day and week through remittance to the UK, to be distributed to needy families ( in cash) in East African. Needy families are identified by local Wallal Afuri volunteers in each country and cities.

WALAAL AFURI’s Promise: Accountability

More importantly, Walaal Afuri has an elaborate Public Finance Management System. Accountability is something Walaal Afuri strives for, because  all of the moneys are accounted for with no overhead and this is done through postings of receipts and remittance vouchers on Facebook on a daily basis. This means your 100% of your donations get to those in need.

Walaal Afuri is a laudable effort imagined from the inception by Somalis and run by and for Somalis. Thank you Bashir, Yusuf and Liban for introducing us to this worthy cause. All Things Somali urges you to generously donate to this cause if your local community has a Walaal Afuri Ambassadorship.

This post was inspired by Abdi Hosh’s Facebook post. We made minor editing to the original post and republished it here with his permission.

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