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These Three Somali Tech Entrepreneurs Just Won Sweden’s Top Tech Awards and Could Win the Nordic Awards

Last month, three Somali tech entrepreneurs (see them all below) won the Swedish National Competition. They are now nominated for the Nordic competition. All three are representing Sweden at the Nordic competition and are competing with teams from all over the Nordic countries. With your help, they can win big!

Here is how you can help them win the Nordic Awards. VOTE for them on these links:

Vote TransferGalaxy

Recently, one of Sweden’s leading innovation and tech startup experts asked: What does a Swedish Entrepreneur look like? We say it looks like a Somali nomad selling camels online!

ORTEN.IO WON the Best Ecosystem Initiative Of The Year at Stockholm Tech Fest.

Transfer Galaxy WON the Best FinTech Startup Of The Year at Stockholm Tech Fest.

Ari.Farm WON the Best Newcomer Startup Of The Year at the Stockholm Tech Festival.

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