Somali Australians to hold the first international tech and entrepreneurship conference in Melbourne

The Somali Australian Business & Professionals Incorporated (SABPI) is organizing the first international tech and entrepreneurship conference in Australia. The first International Conference will bring industry experts from across the globe – entrepreneurs, investors, consultants, ecosystem supporters, bankers and up-and-coming startups to share their experiences and expertise in developing the entrepreneurship ecosystem and their innovation journey.

The conference is showcasing a brand of innovative, creative and entrepreneurial Somalis as contributing members of our society and the world and celebrating those who are leading the charge to grow the next generation of global thinkers, successful entrepreneurs, Somali business brands in fashion, finance, media, sustainability, lifestyle and recreation. The 2017 Entrepreneurship and International Conference Convention will discuss critical challenges and opportunities for startups and SMEs, business and investment opportunities.

The conference will take place next weekend in Melbourne. Visit their website: SABPI 2017. We have recently shared a video done by SABPI. Watch it below.

Could this be the biggest tech and entrepreneurship conference organized by Somalis in Australia? We think so! 11 days from now, the Somali Australian Business and Professional Inc. known as #SABPI is hosting an international conference that will bring leading Somali entrepreneurs and tech giants from Europe, North America, and Australia in Melbourne! If you are in Australia, you should attend it! Go to: http://www.sabpi.org.so/ #SomaliAustralian #Tech #Entrepreneurs #AllThingsSomali

Posted by All Things Somali on Tuesday, October 3, 2017

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