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Muna Abdullahi, The First Somali American U.S. Senate Page in Washington DC, Persuaded US Senator Al Franken To Attend Her Graduation in Willmar

Muna ’16 was one of thirty students from across the nation to serve as a Page in the U.S. Senate in the summer of 2015. She was the first Somali-American Page in the history of the U.S. Senate as well!

After building many relationships during her time as a Page, she befriended Senator Al Franken as well! Senator Franken’s staff recently contacted the Willmar Senior High School to ask about attending this year’s graduation ceremony to celebrate Muna along with the rest of the class of 2016. Senator Franken introduced Muna and congratulated each member of the class of 2016 as well!

Willmar is a small town located central Minnesota. It currently has over 4,000 Somali people while the whole population is around 21,000.

In 2015, only 7 Somali students graduated. In 2016, 25 Somali Students graduated. The graduation happened yesterday, June 5th. 5 of 25 students graduated with honors and high honors. That is Somali Excellence!

Source: Willmar Public School District. Also contributed by Shukri Kolmale.

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