Haweya Delivers! MUD & MUSK now available.

Haweya says “MUD & MUSK brings together two of my key passions. A love for natural skincare and a commitment to support environmentally friendly and sustainable practices.” We agree, she is truly committed to bringing the best product possible to market and finally, that wait is over.

Available now at:

MUD & MUSK was first established in January 2016 when it received a
small grant after being selected for the Curtin Accelerate program. With
this $5000 grant MUD & MUSK was able to develop its first DIY kit (then
named the Adadley DIY kit) and began its first sales, selling in markets
and stalls around Perth.

In May, 2016 MUD & MUSK was selected against 150 applicants and 5
finalists to win the Bschool Idea Nation competition. Haweya pitched in
front of an audience of 400 guests and an esteemed judging panel which
included Naomi Simson, Founder of Redballoon and judge on channel
10’s Shark Tank. Haweya’s winning pitch awarded MUD & MUSK $20,000
grant to take it to the next level.

Since the win Haweya has been working on launching the website and
getting the story behind the first kit – Qasil. In April, 2017 she travelled
to her country of origin, Somalia, for the first time in her life. During her
travel she documented the journey of the ingredient from harvest to sale
in stores in Hargeisa

Watch the video below on how to use MUD & MUSK

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