#BringItHome fever has reach Somali Americans in Minnesota. Halima Aden has joined the call

Unless you have been living under a rock, Minnesota Vikings #Minneapolis Miracle has been heard around the world. No one is rooting for the Minnesota Vikings to vin the Super Bowl than the large and active Somali American community in the state. The #BringItHome fever has reach Somalis in Minnesota. One of the most celebrated daughters of Somali community in Minnesota, Halima Aden, has joined the #BRINGITHOME fever. Below is her tweet that is making waves.

Somali Minnesotans, like millions of other Minnesotans, will be rooting for the VIKINGS this weekend as they try to beat the Philadelphia Eagles and go to the Super Bowl. Viking will be the FIRST team in history to try to WIN the Superbowl at home. It never happened but after that Minneapolis Miracle, it is POSSIBLE!!!

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