All Things Somali (ATS) to be a one-stop hub for exciting and positive news related to Somalis. We created ATS because we got tired of all of the negative stories that we see every day. There are plenty of them online. We want to focus on you – our fearless sisters and our passionate brothers. And at times you may ask yourself, where is the reality, people need to know? At times you may see posts that urgently request your help to take action or inform you of something that is negatively happening in our worldwide Somali community and even in those situations when we do talk about a negative story we would like our readers to take a positive action.

Collaboration, not competition, is the sole reason we exist. If it is positive and it’s about Somali people, you will find it here. We are slowly building a people-centered site, so if you have something to share or change, let us know. We want to give you our readers a platform for stories of, by, and for Somali People.

We are a forward-looking, young, dedicated, and enthusiastic Somalis. Yet, we hold our culture, language, and faith in high regard.

Positivity is our passion. Integrity is our ideal. Tenacity is what we strive for. No to Negativity. We Never Pick Sides. Politics is not Our Business.

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