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A young Somali man shares his inspiring immigration experience.

somai boy

“I was born and raised in Mogadishu Somalia, when i was 14, i decided to get a better life then joining Al Shabab or becoming a child soldier. My parents helped me through out all my journey, first i travelled to Ethiopia, then Sudan. When i was crossing the border between Ethiopia and Sudan i was captured and imprisoned for 4 months. That imprisonment broke my hopes, i remember crying at times, after i was freed i decided to continue my journey to Sudan.

In Sudan i met the most welcoming and good hearted people i have ever met, after a month i met people heading to Libya and i decided to continue my unknown destination. We came to the desert between Libya and Sudan and that is when the very difficult part of my journey started. I was there for a month, hungry and thirsty. My fallow travellers started dying for thirst and hunger in front of me, some of them where the same people who were giving me water and food to stay alive. I stayed strong and finally arrived in Libya and we got in between the war against Qadafi. The soldier against Qadafi imprison us for 5 months and we never seen the sun those months. The soldiers told us to fight against Qadafi if we want our freedom back. Some of us were forced to fight and the rest of us were tortured.

Finally we planned escape plane which succeeded, it’s really sad to tell about that night. After we gained our freedom back, we came to realize that everybody must decide to die now or die trying to get into Italy or Malta. I was on a small plastic boat for 48 hrs with 98 people. In the middle of the sea the boat broke and water started to get in. Some people started crying and others started praying. I never thought i would live to tell about that day, i started thinking about my parents and all about my life. Three woman died that day and after few hours, we saw a ship and they rescued us. Alhamdulilah they helped us and took us to Malta Island. Now i am in Malta and because of my experience i became a strong man and I am building my life. When you think your life is hard, think about the millions who have it worse.” — Anas Nur

Story is unedited and appeared on the Humans Of Somalia Facebook page. We were so moved we decided to share it because stories like this happen more often than they should. Anas, We are proud of your determination and wish you the best of luck. – ATS

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